Adorable Family Photos in an Urban setting

Adorable Family Photos in an Urban setting

Colorful Urban Family Photography With a Train!

When this family contacted me, they asked for rustic photos, but not too rustic. I scratched my head. Where could I take the family that was rustic, but not overwhelmingly country. To clear my confusion, I asked the family to send me photos of what it was they were looking for. I was delighted when photos arrived in my inbox. They were looking for something more Urban, not necessarily rustic.

I knew the perfect place, old Richmond, TX. I have taken several people to this location. It’s a sort of photographer haven. There are richly colored walls, some decrepit, and a live train track (with a train bridge within walking distance).

The family met me at the location, and I was greeted by 3 adorable boys and the cutest couple, no wonder those kids were so darn cute.

The train track mostly host cars with materials for the booming oil industry that is Houston, but when I was a kid, it also shipped tons of sugar from the Imperial Sugar Factory in Sugar Land. I have even once seen the Ringling Bro’s train leaving Houston via that track. A very live track.

Was I surprised when we heard a train coming during our shoot? No. With 3 young boys, trains were perfect for them. I quickly had the family posed in front of the train that zipped past us.

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