Are you getting married during the height of wedding season?

Are you getting married during the height of wedding season?

June starts the beginning of the wedding season, according to a report from the, which states that- June, August, September, and October are the most popular months to get hitched, while December is quickly gaining footing on it’s fellow months.

What is it that makes July less special than June or August? Can’t be the fact that there’s a holiday in July… because there are several major religious holidays in December and that month is picking up brides like Tiger Woods in a Sex Addict’s meeting. It’s not a heat factor, at least not here in Houston, August is hotter than July. Sorry, let me rephrase that. August is so bone melting-ly blazing, that you completely forget about how miserable you felt in July. So what is it?

As a photographer, I prefer the fall and spring months. Less sweat. July, August I sweat, you sweat… So I can see September and October. Also, being in Houston, where the weather is usually pretty cooperative, it’s nice to have an outdoor wedding. Might not be such a good idea in August especially if you have out of town guests coming in from up north.

So to break it down (in my own opinion) what makes each month so special to couples? Why this month?

June — SUMMER! School is out or getting out, friends and family are planing their vacation. This can be a problem if you don’t get your Save-The-Dates out soon enough, but otherwise, people are planing on spending some vacation time in the summer months, so it’s likely that Aunt May will come to your wedding because she was already planing on getting out of the house this summer as soon as her children got out of school. Also, in some places, the weather is perfect. You have finally gotten past that winter frost (what’s that?) – here, the weather isn’t so bad. Depends. June is also the start of Hurricane season though… Take a breath, the hurricanes don’t generally start pounding the coast until later in the year.

July – WTF guys? Why did I get skipped?

August – Everyone is defiantly out of school by now. Families have taken their initial family vacation and now have time to squeeze you into their busy schedule. Yeay! But, it’s so HOT out that women’s faces are literally melting off. Sweet deal if you’re planing on serving sidewalk omelets, a hand’s on feast that even the adults can enjoy… But, I would wager a guess that you’re having an indoor wedding with the AC cranked down to a Flash-Freeze temperature. Unfortunately, mid august begins the peak of hurricane season. So find a place that has a good refund policy.

September – Temperatures are cooling. You can actually take a breath outside without feeling like you have the space-station sitting on your chest. Schools are starting back up. Maybe you’re one of those brides who would prefer to only surround herself with adults. Perfect! Most-likely, if you have friends/family with kids, they will either leave the kids behind with a baby sitter, not come, or bring the kids (less-likely) Also, people have finished taking their summer vacations. Still in the peak of Hurricane season.

October – you LOVE Halloween!!!! Oh, no? Maybe it’s just me. That’s when I got married.
Weather = perfection! Colors = warm (golds and reds) because of the changing foliage. This isn’t something we necessarily see in Houston though. Like in September, children are in school, so there will be few (if any) kids at your wedding. Lastly, this is right before any major holidays. As a bride, you hate to hear that your favorite cousin can’t make it to your wedding because she promised her mother-in-law that she would be there for Thanksgiving/Christmas… luckily, you choose October to get married, so there won’t be any holidays to conflict with your wedding. ***Cough, Cough, Halloween. Cough. Excuse me. Finally nearing the end of the peak of Hurricane season.

December – beats me? It’s sort of a magical time of the year. Maybe that’s it. Something about all of the winter holidays that reminds people of love and romance.

So what is it that makes us choose these months? These favorite months to tie the knot must have been initiated by someone who did not live near the coast, or the equator.

Why did you choose that month to get married?

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