Are you Taking an Engagement Photo – Yes or No?

Are you Taking an Engagement Photo – Yes or No?


It seems, a recent trend in the wedding world is a lack of engagement photos. In fact, most of my brides never even consider engagement photos. I sometimes get contacted a few weeks before their wedding, not enough time to do a bridal shoot, let alone an engagement shoot.

Why not?

  • Instagram, Facebook, Camera’s on your smart phone – Instant gratification (you don’t have to wait for a photographer to edit, don’t have to pay, as soon as you take it, you can post it to whatever medium you wish)
  • Cost – I came across an article a few months ago that talked about how brides and grooms are quickly becoming the ones fitting the bill for their special day. Gone the days of parents-of-the-bride fitting the entire bill, now the responsibility seems to get split.
  • Short engagement / elopement
  • Some people feel it is a cheesy, self serving &/or a pushy tradition (ie pushing your relationship on others)

Why you should consider them

1. Establish a relationship:
An engagement photo-shoot, if nothing else, establishes a relationship with your photographer before your wedding. It’s a good idea to get a good feel for your photographer before your big day, sort of like a dry run. If you have an engagement shoot with a photographer who has awful “bed-side manner” you wouldn’t want them to handle your wedding, where your great grandma and God fearing cousin will be. Or, maybe you just didn’t click with the photographer. No sparks. This is the perfect chance to get a feel for how things will go on your big day.You will also feel a little more confortable around your photographer at your wedding.

2. Dry Run:
This, like your bridal photos, can also be used as a dry run. Get your hair and nails done. Makeup. This is your chance to figure out if the makeup artist you chose is the right one for you. Why do this before your bridal photos? Your bridal photos are photos that are supposed to represent you on your day. If you have someone do your makeup for your bridal images (you get these photos before your wedding) and you hate your makeup, you may decide choose someone else for your wedding. Now your look totally different on your wedding from your bridal.

2. Quality time:
Engagement photos are a chance for you and your partner to spend some quality time together, yeah there’s someone else there with you (a third wheel), but don’t think about them as a person, more of a piece of equipment. The basket to your picnic. This is a chance to stare lovingly into each others eyes, kiss in public, hold each other… Sometimes, when you are in the middle of the whirlwind of wedding planning, you loose touch with your partner. You get so caught up with plans, that you forget the reason for the wedding, your undying love. So take time to gaze passionately into each others eyes.

Have your photos taken at a location that is important to you and your partner. Maybe the first place you met, your first kiss, where he proposed to you… Something to hang on your wall at home.

Sure, engagement photos may feel silly and self-serving, but there are a lot of good reasons to consider them. Your planing a wedding, though, a day that is 100% about you and your love. It’s supposed to be self-serving. Your photographer is there for you, no one else. You don’t have to send the photos to guests. Your parents and grandparents will probably want them, though. If nothing else, the photos are for you to display on your wall in your bedroom. A reminder of why you fell in love with your partner.

Are you planing on taking engagement photos? If not, why?

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