Bluebonnet Photos… It’s a Texan thing

Bluebonnet Photos… It’s a Texan thing

Thanks to the rain we got this winter the bluebonnets are in full bloom. I’ve seen more bluebonnets this year than I have in about 5 years.

We packed the kids into the car and headed out hunting for bluebonnets. I had heard (through the bluebonnet grapevine) that there was a bunch of nice patches around Sealy, just a 30 minute drive from my house. We found a patch just behind a church North of Sealy on Highway 36.

No snakes, great weather, what more could you ask.

I wonder, do other states share the same need to plop their children down in a patch of state flowers to take photos, or is it just a Texan thing? As far back as I can remember, spring was kicked off by hunting down a decent patch of the blue Lupines. My mom would place my brother and me in a patch of flowers and quickly take photos before we got bored with sitting and smiling.

It’s funny to think about it as an adult. Every year, like every other Texan, we would take photos in the flowers. I too feel the tug to put my child down in a patch of bluebonnets to take photos, but when your child reaches for a handful of the flowers, you suck in a breath. It’s illegal to pick the flowers. A cardinal sin of Texas. We’ve all had it ingrained into our brains. DO NOT PICK THE BLUEBONNETS. Preserve the flowers.

I know a lot of small towns are thankful for the rain and flowers. With bluebonnets, comes tourists. People will drive hours to find a decent patch, then spend the day shopping, eating or just seeing the sights.

So thank you “One-Who-Dearly-Loved-Her-People,” for bringing the flowers.

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