Halloween Wedding Photography in Houston – Research

Halloween Wedding Photography in Houston – Research

Today, I’ve been doing a little research on an exciting photo-shoot I’ve got in the works. four words — HOUSTON HALLOWEEN ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY! With my own Halloween anniversary to take inspiration from, this engagement photo-shoot really takes a special place in my heart. I LOVE offbeat weddings, especially ones that include my favorite time/holiday.

For those of you out there thinking about your engagement photos. Think BIG! This couple came to me asking if I would be willing to take photos at a cemetery. I said sure, but have you thought about taking photos at a haunted house? They said, “No, is that possible?”

Word of advice: Nothing is possible if you don’t try. Just ask. This was a neat little tip I leaned in college, taking journalism classes. People might surprise you.

Step 1: find a location for Houston Halloween engagement photos — There are several free-standing haunted houses around the Houston area. One in particular stood out to me for several reasons. Nightmare on the Bayou. One, they’re connected to a business which is open year-round (a costume rental business) so it would be easy to get a hold of the owner. Two,  they have both indoor haunted areas as well as outdoor. Three, it’s located in a sort of central area.

Step 2: Contact Owner — I called and left a message on the owners phone letting him know what I need and asking if it would be possible to take photos.

Step 3: I wait — This is the hardest part for me. I can be a little impatient. I want people to answer their phones the instant I call them. I know this is not always possible. When I set up photos at Alamo Drafthouse, it took several weeks to get an answer.

Step 4: Brows the internet — This step I do throughout my researching process. I want to see what other photographers have done. What sort of save-the-dates, engagement photos and wedding photos are out there. Sometimes I even will brows IMDB, especially for themes such as this. The whole time I’m browsing, I’m also thinking about what equipment I’ll need. How dark some of these places will be. What kind of Photoshop techniques I can bring to the table to enhance the Halloween feel, and most important, what specific Halloween the couple are after.

You’re thinking, “What do you mean, Halloween theme? Isn’t Halloween already the theme?”

Well, there’s the current popular trend – Zombies, vampires – can be very romantic, Mass-murders — on the creepier end of the spectrum, Hell — maybe not for weddings… but who am I to say no if that’s what they want, witches, werewolves… I could go on, and on.

Step 5: Start planning out my engagement photo poses — This step is really just tentative. I have ideas in my head, but sometimes the ideas just don’t work out. I keep an open mind at all my photo-shoots.


I hope to post some Halloween themed engagement photos to share with you in the next few weeks.


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