Hanging out at Safari Texas

Hanging out at Safari Texas

I had a wonderful afternoon today, hanging out with the lovely people of Safari Texas. They gave me a tour of the facilities, then set me free to take photos.


Growing up in Sugar Land (and attending Stephen F. Austin H.S.), we always heard the animals neighing (and doing what animals do…)next door at Safari Texas. A few years later, my best friend got married at the same venue.

It’s been several years since I’ve walked around Safari Texas. There have been so many changes since I was there last. Gladly, the Peacocks are still roaming the lot freely. A few of them even crashed my photo-shoot.

I love the ambiance, and the fact that they have the style for every wedding, and I do mean that. You can have an elegant, southern bell wedding, a safari wedding in the back, a rustic wedding with all of the (wonderful smelling) ceder rooms… even a Roman Garden wedding.

Thanks so much for letting me poke around your facility today.


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