Houston Maternity Photography – With a hint of Star Wars

Houston Maternity Photography – With a hint of Star Wars

Houston Maternity Photographer – Zany Take on Maternity Photography.

Today, my husband and I are announcing to the world that we’re expecting a new employee. Our baby boy will grace us with his presence this May. If we aim for the 4th, than the Star Wars theme will make even more sense!

Today, we set out for the park to take some maternity photos. It was a little hard letting my husband take the reins 100%, but he did a phenomenal job. He was ecstatic that he got to stay behind the camera. I was going to force him into some photos, but it just never happened.

Houston Maternity Photographer

Even Rita got to be a part of the maternity photography, though I don’t know how I managed to get such an uncooperative dog? It took so many shots to finally get her looking at the camera and not trying to walk away.

We found these adorable pirate shoes that I wanted to include. Being from the Mike Leach era at Texas Tech University, my husband and I wanted to pay homage to the former pirate. Actually, we just really love pirate stuff almost as much as we love Star Wars stuff.

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