How to prepare your skin for your wedding day

How to prepare your skin for your wedding day

Today’s Wedding Tip Wednesday tip comes from our friends at Be Radiant Artistry.

Great makeup starts with having a great canvas.

Taking care of your skin is very important.  For your wedding you want soft natural makeup that will show off your beautiful features.  The best way to help the makeup artist achieve this look is by preparing your skin.

Making sure you exfoliate your face is key.  Having a build up on you skin of dead skin cells can cause your skin to be rough and dull in appearance.  There are two ways to exfoliate, physical and chemical.

— A physical exfoliate is something that uses the scrubbing motion to remove the dead skin cells., like a cleanser with beads, or a clarisonic scrubber.
— A chemical exfoliate is a cleanser that uses different ingredients like salicylic or kojic acid to remove the dead skin cells.

Both are great options but you need to find one that works for your skin.

Months before your wedding you can experiment with different products to make sure they don’t cause sensitivity or breakouts.  Once you have found a product that works best for you, use it at least 1-3 times a week before your wedding.  Remember the

trial period is VERY important.  You don’t want to change your regimen right before you wedding so make sure to start experimenting early.

If you are nervous and feel you want more advice, contact a local esthetician or dermatologist who can examine your skin and recommend products.

You are beautiful, and no matter what, that beauty will shine for everyone to see on your wedding day!

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