Mat & Suzette’s Intimate Katy Wedding

Mat & Suzette’s Intimate Katy Wedding

It has been quite a journey for Mat and Suzette to get to today. They met over 20-years in Trinidad. Since, Mat and Suzette have spent a little time here in Texas and a little time over in Trinidad.

The wedding was simple and elegant, a perfect match for the glowing couple walking down the isle together. They had an intimate wedding at Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church in Katy. Their friends and family stood around them at one point during the wedding to offer up words of advice.

The reception was held at Perry’s Steak House. A cascading display of cupcakes made by Suzette herself sat at the center of a table flanked by a beautiful bouquet of roses and orchids. A display of Sweet Heat jams sits on the edge of the cake table. A parting gift for Mat & Suzette’s guests.

Side note: the jams are made by special needs children at Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church.



Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church
Perry’s Steakhouse
Sweet Heat Jams

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