Rustic Urban Wedding in Houston

Rustic Urban Wedding in Houston

In early April, Andy and I had the chance to be the wedding photographers for Kelli and Nathans wedding. The couple had a beautiful rustic wedding at Kelli’s church. Because Kelli would be leaving her home in Texas to live

in Canada with Nathan, the focus was on family. As we say, “you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out’a the girl.”

How did y’all meet?

Kelli and Nathan first met at His Hill Bible school in Comfort Texas. He was from Canada and she was from Texas. They first met as he was getting off the bus that picked him up from the airport. She noticed his smile right away. They grew to be good friends over the next couple of months. By the time Christmas came around they’re friendship had turned into a relationship. By the time that year was complete he went back to Canada and she went back to Houston and that started a 3 year long journey of a long distance relationship.

How did he propose?

On Kelli’s third visit to Canada Kelli was sure it was going to be the visit Nathan would propose. While Nathan was at school for the afternoon Kelli searched for the ring. But to her surprise there was no ring to be found! The next day Nathan had planned a picnic lunch at Hayward Lake in BC Canada. After eating the lunch Nathan had prepared she was stuffed yet Nathan had suggested to eat a cookie to her she kept saying no she was full and Nathan kept pushing. Now the suggestion was becoming annoying, and frustrated Kelli expressed she did not want a cookie for the last time. The subject was dropped for the next 15 minutes. And then once again eating a cookie was brought up. Out of annoyance and a desire not to hear about cookies anymore Kelli finally agreed to a cookie. As she opened the container containing the cookies Kelli instantly understood why she was being pushed to eat one. In the container there was a ring box. Instantly her mouth dropped and Nathan got on one knee. He went on to say how much he loved her and how he wanted to share his live with her. Kelli said yes and he put the ring on her hand… They never ate a cookie.

What was the most memorable moment at your wedding?

My most memorable part of the wedding was walking into the ceremony and being not only overwhelmed with seeing Nathan but also being completely overwhelmed with how many family and friends came to suppose and celebrate with us!


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