Cost of Wedding Photographers in Houston

Cost of Wedding Photographers in Houston

You’re getting married and you’ve been doing all your research. You’ve found several different wedding photographers in Houston TX who’s work entices you and you have contacted them for price quotes. Now you may be asking yourself, why are Houston wedding photographers so expensive?


The estimated average cost of a Houston wedding photographer is $3,000, according to

Wedding photographer in Houston


Why are Houston wedding photographers so expensive? Well let’s put a few things in perspective first. Wedding photographers in Houston are generally not the most expensive thing/service you will purchase. You may be spending more than that on a wedding dress you only intend to wear once. Maybe you’ve found that perfect venue, but they want more than 10,000 for the evening. Even your jewelry averages at $5,000 (now that includes your engagement ring, and wedding bands). Aside from the jewelry, most of the purchases you will make for your wedding will not be used or around after your wedding. The food will be consumed, the flowers wilted…


Photography (like diamonds) lasts forever. When you’re old and grey and your memories have begun to fade, you’ll always have that wedding album to look back on and remember the amazing day you had.


Mostly what people think when they see the Houston wedding photographers final cost is “I’m paying $3,000 for 5 hours of work? That’s $600/hr. Even doctors don’t make that kind of money.” Well actually the photographer isn’t truly making $600/hr, the price is most likely covering the following:

  • * Cost of photographers time
  • * Cost of photographer/editors time (editing photos)
    •      – Note: for every hour spent taking photos, photographers or editors spend at least that same amount of time, if not double working on editing your photos.
  • * Cost of second photographer
  • * Cost of prints, CD’s, wedding albums (items included in your package)
  • * Licenses & insurance
  • * Continued education (keeping up on knowledge on the latest equipment features, techniques…)
  • * Travel expenses
  • * Equipment maintenance
  • * Advertising
    •      – This includes the cost to maintain a website
  • * If this is a fairly large company, you may also be paying for secretaries, accountants…


Some of the smaller Houston wedding photographers can get away with charging less because they’re their own secretary, accountant, advertiser, do their own editing, or website maintenance. Maybe they’re not including the wear and tear of their equipment. Sure, you can get someone to shoot your wedding for under $500 but keep in mind the quality of the work may suffer.


From the Houston wedding photographers and brides I’ve talked to, the average starting package of Houston wedding photographer is between $1000 – $5000. So, budget appropriately and always go with what your heart tells you, not your wallet.


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