The Five Worst Wedding Gifts

The Five Worst Wedding Gifts

Bride sitting in a classic white gown

Brace yourself brides!

The 5 worst gifts someone can give as wedding gifts.  I don’t agree with cash being on this list, especially if the couple is going out of the country for their honeymoon. We gave my brother cash as a wedding gift because he was going to Jamaica, and when I went on my honeymoon, we didn’t bring enough cash, and had to use an ATM (which gouged us). We were unfamiliar with how to use the ATM in another country, and it hurt us. We had to get cash to exit the country (exit tax), so we used an ATM in the airport. Someone came in behind my husband and pulled $300 out of our account because he didn’t exit the ATM properly.

I love the first person’s response “A leaf-blower.” I cringe when I think about this topic. I have given gifts before to friends and family who were getting married. On person in particular, I really wanted to give them wine glasses, but someone had already bought the ones on their registry, so I stupidly gave them another set saying, “You can never have enough.” Now-a-days, I generally offer my photography at a discounted rate as a wedding gift to family (with a small gift from their registry). If they already have a photographer, I find something on their registry.

Are you getting married soon? Have you gotten any gifts in the mail yet? If so, have you opened them or are you waiting until after your honeymoon?

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