Wanna-Be-Wedding-Planner Advice…

Wanna-Be-Wedding-Planner Advice…

Take it with a grain of salt.


So, a while back, I got a desperate call from a bride who’s wedding I am shooting next month. She was talking to a woman who worked at Joann’s Fabrics about her wedding plans, as many do when excited. The woman told her, “I’m a wedding planner,” then proceeded to explain why she will only get crap photos for the time of day her wedding is being held.


Colorado Springs – Outdoor wedding
Mid August
6:30 pm start


I ask the bride, “How long do you expect your wedding ceremony to last?”

She replies, “It’s going to be quick and dirty.”

“So no more than twenty minutes?”



I hit up sunset.com to see exactly when the sun will set. I see the sun sets a little before 8:00pm. Based on that information, we have about an hour time-frame after her wedding to take photos before we loose the light. That’s plenty of time. I let the bride know there shouldn’t be any problem with light. In fact, we will be taking posed photos during the most romantic lighting of the day. Always have a back up, though. I let her know we would be bringing our travel lighting just in case.


The moral of this story: before you freak out and have an anxiety attack because someone (who’s day job is not wedding planning) tells you you’re making a major mistake, take a breath, do some research and contact your venders.

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