Wedding Photography Pricing – Don’t ask this question first.

Wedding Photography Pricing – Don’t ask this question first.


As a photographer and business owner, I get a lot of cold-call (emails) from potential brides wanting to know “how much?” I get several emails a week with a wedding date and a single question, How much do you charge? It’s understandable that hiring a photographer is one of the most stressful things you can do for your wedding and many brides don’t know what questions to ask other than price.

(here’s a link to a post about questions to ask photographers)

We see that question as a tire-kicking question. You show minimal interest in what we offer. You have probably been to 1o different wedding photography websites in the past 10 minutes and asked the same question to every single photographer.

Why shouldn’t you ask the price question first?

To a photographer, this shows minimal interest in the photographer and their services. A wedding photography “tire-kicker.” You haven’t done much research yet. You’re just getting an idea in your head for pricing. You don’t really care about our product.

Did you know many photographers post pricing information on their website? I have my prices listed on a page called pricing.

Also, you may not get a direct answer from photographers when you ask for their pricing. It is hard for a photographer to drop a number on a client without explaining the true value of the service, and sometimes that can only be done in person or on the phone.


What should you ask a wedding photographer instead?

Are you available for my wedding date?

Will you travel to my wedding location?

Have you shot any weddings at my wedding venue?

My wedding will be [RUSTIC/ELEGANT/OFFBEAT…] do you have any samples of photography you have taken in this style?

Do you have any references?


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