Wedding Tip Wednesday – Murphy’s Law

Wedding Tip Wednesday – Murphy’s Law

Do you know Murphy? You’ll probably know about him before the end of your wedding. The #1 tip I can give any bride about any part of their Houston wedding is the following:

Murphy’s Law:

Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.

Yeah, it sounds a bit bad, but trust me, when you accept this law you’ll have a less stressful wedding. You’ll be prepared. One of the best bits of help I can give a bride is to be prepared for anything. The caterer doesn’t show — Have the manager’s number handy or have a backup plan like a lot of pizza. The florist brings the wrong flowers — go with it. At least you have flowers! Not a single wedding goes without a hitch, even celebrity can’t escape Murphy.

When I got married, one of my bridesmaids “unfriended” me and disappeared, and the florist was so late to my wedding I was preparing myself to walk without the bouquet. I’ve shot weddings where the groom was wasted before the ceremony, another bride had problems with her florist (apparently we had the same vender), and one who’s dress had to be altered 3 different times because the boutique kept getting the measurements wrong.

Now that I’ve thoroughly scared you…

Keep a folder with all of your contracts, vender numbers, potential backups. Know when each vender is supposed to show. Make sure you have a printed schedule with detailed times of events happening at your wedding. Give this schedule to all of your vendors at least a week before your wedding. Confirm their arrival time when you give them the schedule.

Delegate. Assign people to different tasks. You’re friends and family will help brush out the wrinkles, maybe even without your knowledge.

Relax. As I’ve said in the past, the most important thing is the love you and your fiance share. Weddings are beautiful, even with their little hick-ups. Besides, perfection is boring.

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