Wedding Tip Wednesday – The Engagement Photo-Shoot

Wedding Tip Wednesday – The Engagement Photo-Shoot

Good morning wedding junkies. I am going to attempt to keep up with a wedding tip Wednesday post. Most of the posts will be about Houston wedding photography — for obvious reasons — but I will try to tackle some other questions and topics as well. Email me if you have a topic you would like for me to discuss –

The Engagement Photo-Shoot

With the increasing popularity of selfies and cameras on every phone, there seems to be an equal drop in professional engagement photos. I guess many people are just opting to print photos they already have.

First I will tackle the Why’s (Why should you take engagement photos)

If you are using the same photographer who will be shooting your Houston wedding, it’s a chance to get to know the photographer a little better. Get a feel for their style and make sure you feel comfortable around them. This is especially true with the Male persuasion.
Save-the-Dates – In the last 5 years or so save-the-dates have become a corner stone in weddings. These cute little reminders help lock your wedding date in for guests you deem VIP. I personally sent magnets with the wedding date to all of my VIP’s.


This is the perfect time to capture that radiant glow brides and grooms have right before your wedding. Yes, like pregnant women, brides and grooms have a glow about them when they’re in the throes of planing their wedding. Sure, it can be stressful, but it is also an exciting time in your life. At this time, you’re so in love with each other that you’re making all the people around you sick. Bask in it!

Engagement Photo-Shoots 101

  • Bring a positive attitude. I promise, you won’t break the camera & the photographer is there to do the best he/she can to take breathtaking photos you will cherish for a lifetime.


  • Choose a location outside of the studio. Studio shoots can be very bland. Choose something that represents your personalities as a couple. Maybe you’re country folk, or just love the outdoors — take your photos in a rustic location like a farm or field (there are plenty around Houston)


  • Don’t dress like Thing 1 and Thing 2. Wear colors that compliment each other, but don’t dress alike. If one of you wears stripes or paslies (something busy), the other should probably wear a solid color.


  • Have fun! This photo shoot is all about you. Don’t be afraid to ask the photographer for some fun photos. I have taken my fair share of Mario themed engagement photos, Vadering photos and other assorted silly poses. If that represents you as a couple, do it! Some of the best engagement photos I’ve seen were fun ones like couples attacking each other with powdered paint. Another positive note about fun photos like the mentioned is they help to break you and your partner out of your stiffness. Loosens you up to take natural, beautiful photos.
Movie Engagement Photo
Theater Engagement Photo Theater Engagement Photo


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