Why you should hire us as your Wedding Photographer

Why you should hire us as your Wedding Photographer

I hate tooting my own horn, but someone suggested I write about Andy and me, and why you should hire us as your wedding photographer:


  1. First I must say, even if you don’t hire us, you should defiantly hire a wedding photographer. — This is the most important point I will EVER stress to anyone.

Why hire a wedding photographer? Less to stress about. I promise you, once you get your wedding photographer situated, they show up and do what they’ve got to do to get the photo. To capture that memory on film. You don’t need to worry about them.

No amateur photographs — I say it every time: at the end of the day, all you have left is an expensive dress, a couple of rings and your memories. Make sure they aren’t blurry ones.


Lighting and image flaws are cleaned up. Low lighting? No problem, Photoshop will fix that. Aunt Fanny stumbled into the background of your couples photos? No problem, Photoshop will make her disappear…

  1. We have personality!

Not only are we really good at blending in, we are very approachable. We will always answer questions, take guest requested photos. We also have a bit of a quirky side. Andy and I love taking fun and funny photos.

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We are also pretty good at discerning your personality and figuring out what photos will suite you best.

  1. We’ve been there, done that.

Andy and I have been married for several years now. We remember when we were getting married. We know how to, and will always help out.

I have bustled dresses, helped brides into their shoes. I have made sure doors were closed so the couple didn’t see each other before their wedding. We use walk-talkies to know where the bride and groom are at all times. Andy and I relay messages back and forth between the couples. We have even helped people into their seats before the wedding.


  1. We never leave you wanting

Before Andy and I leave any wedding, we make sure the bride and groom know we’re about to leave. We ask if there are any other photos they want us to take before we leave.

We are always available via email or phone and even Facebook.

In post production, after delivering the photos, if a couple needs anything; a resized image, suggest a photo printer… we will always do everything we can to accommodate, even after your wedding.

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