Winter Wedding Wonderland

Winter Wedding Wonderland

Three days into 2015 and Andy and I were already heading out to our first wedding for the year. Lindi and Orin were to get married at their church in Richmond, TX that evening.

We were blown away by the work put into the decorations for the reception area. There were framed photos from parents and grandparents weddings, an antique typewriter and several other antiquities peppering the entrance  to the hall. Inside, string lights hung from one side of the room to the other. The dinnerware was a sweet mismatched collection of china. The the piece-DE-resistance (according to Andy) the life-like x-box grooms cake.

With the help of a flurry of family and friends, the bride got ready in a small, nursery inside the church. The room was filled with tiny tables & chairs, toys and even a changing table. With a penny in her shoe to ensure the wealth and good fortune for the couple, and a borrowed locket from her grandmother, Lindi was ready to get married.

Warm Christmas lights wrapped in organza hung on a wooden stand adjourned with a beautiful bouquet of blue, cream and pink flowers at the top. The warm glow of the setting sun and the beautiful stained glass helped set the mood for a winter wonderland wedding.


Venue: Graeber Road Church of Christ
Florist: The Flower Stop
Cake: Cakes by Gina

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