Charlette & Jonathan’s Oasis Wedding

Like all wedding planning, Charlette and Jonathan may have had a few bumps in the road to booking and organizing their perfect wedding, but the event went off with out a hitch only a few hitches. It’s my theory, though, that the more bumps in your road to marriage, the stronger a marriage you’ll have.

In the middle of one of the most industrial parts of Houston sits an oasis on the water, tucked between trees and beneath a highway. You would never know such a beautiful place existed in the midst of factories, refineries, metal works. Charlette & Jonathan got married by the water with speed boats and jet-skies whizzing past. Bubbles floated up around the happy couple as they said their “I do’s.”

To top the sweltering afternoon off, Jonathan’s friends threw him into the lake and Jonathan pulled Charlette in with him.

“We met on an online dating site and after two years of him being a dummy we ended up moving in together,” Says Charlette. Shortly after, he proposed during the Florida Georgia line concert at the Houston rode. The song “God, Your Momma, and me” was playing and Jonathan got down on one knee in the aisle. “It was perfect.”


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