How to get the Most out of Your Wedding Show Event

How to get the Most out of Your Wedding Show Event

How to get the most out of your Wedding Show event

urban bridal photoWedding season is in full swing, and as such, I find myself hanging out this weekend at the Houston Wedding Showcase. Like many wedding shows, this one is jam-packed with cake decorators, caterers, wedding planners, dress shops… and of coarse photographers. Wedding shows can be very overwhelming and stressful for brides-to-be. There are a lot of people there, a lot of venders all trying to get your business. It’s just overwhelming. I really want to make sure you get a full, and productive day (or 2 depending) out of the event. Check out my helpful hints and tips below.

Is this your first rodeo(wedding show)? Even if it isn’t you should really read these helpful tips to getting the most out of your wedding show event:

1. Make labels

Yes I said it. Make yourself a bunch of labels with your name, phone number, wedding date and any other information you might find important. Use this with venders you talk to, who interest you. There will be lots of stuff to fill out and using these stickers could make your day a whole lot easier.

2. Have a plan

Do your research. Know what you’re willing to spend on a venue, your dress, your photography… Figure out when you need to book what. Also, you can go to the wedding show website before hand and see who’s going to be at the event. Check out the vender’s websites beforehand, make a list of who you might be interested in talking to, and questions to ask them.

3. Ask for discounts

Ask venders if they’re offering any sort of discount for booking with them at the show. Many venders offer some sort of incentive to brides for booking with them at the show, it might be a few extra wedding books included in your photography package, or it could be 20% off the final price. As long as you follow step #2 (above) and know what you want to pay, it’s a good idea to consider booking at shows.

4. Prepare yourself for a crowd

Unless you show up to the event as soon as the doors open and you have a goal and plan set – A woman/man on a mission, you will experience a crowd at some point. Generally the mornings are a little slower, then after the event has been in full swing for an hour or so, the crowds pick up. You might find the crowd lessens around lunch time, then packs back in soon after. Also, if your willing to risk it (some vendors pack up early) you can shop around at the end of the event, if you want to avoid the crowds.

Take a break. Step outside for some fresh air. Unload your bag of swag in your car, then return to the show once you’ve regained your barrings.

5. Wear sensible shoes!

This one’s important. Wear something your willing to stomp around in for hours at a time. Sitting room is few and far between at some of these places. Yes, you might find a seat in the food court area, but if your there during the lunch rush… you might find yourself and grandma sitting on the floor hovering over a cold baked potato. When brides become uncomfortable, they tend to rush through the event, never getting the full potential of it.

6. Try the food!

Looking for a caterer? Or a bakery for your wedding cake? Check out the tables, the food venders almost ALWAYS have samples of their product. What’s so fantastic about this is you can sample their stuff without having to book an appointment. Plus if your really hungry, you can make a second or third sweep of the place for more free samples. At the end of the show, some of those places have lots of left over food. They don’t want to take it back to the shop, so they are practically throwing the samples at people. Just another reason to stick around to the bitter end.

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