Jessie & Joshua’s Dance Party Houston Wedding – Photography

Jessie & Joshua’s Dance Party Houston Wedding – Photography

Southwest Houston Wedding Dance Party!

The syrupy Houston heat and humidity had finally returned to us after a week of amazing weather. Mother-Nature’s way of apologizing after Hurricane Harvey, I guess? Luckily, the hike from my car to Jessei & Joshua’s wedding venue was short. Inside Community Hall Events the crisp AC blasted me in the face and the sweet smell of icing and BBQ sauce permeated the air.

I met Jessie and Joshua in the hall of the venue. They looked dapper in their almost opposite Suits. Jessie looked dapper in his white jacket and Joshua looked sharp in his deep blue jacket. A vibrant, sapphire-color boutineer pinned to each of their jackets. They were rounding up the wedding party (wrangling the 3 flower-girls and 2 ring-bearers) and making sure everyone knew what they were supposed to do.

The room quieted as the lights dimmed and Forever by Chris Brown kicked in. You could feel the electricity in the air. The wedding party danced, hopped and even skipped to the beat between tables of guests toward the alter. The best part (the Pièce De Résistance) was the private dance party the grooms were having in the back of the room behind a back-lit screen. They danced for a minute or two behind the screen before tearing out and dancing down the aisle themselves.

Seriously, who doesn’t love a dance party? It breaks the ice and immediately tells the guests what kind of a party this is going to be; an unbridled, unstoppable party full of sweet dance moves and laughter.

I live for this—photographing the unexpected funny moments and emotional moments at weddings.

One of Jessie & Joshua’s favorite things to do together is camp. Joshua has always camped (roughed-it) in a tent, but quickly realized that Jessie was not a tent-camping kind of guy. As a joint Christmas gift to each other last year, they got a pop-up camper. Rounding back to the cake, because you can’t have a wedding without it… The wedding cake, while beautifully done, didn’t hold a candle to the groom’s cake. The Cake Diva of Houston created a masterpiece campground cake fully equipped with a couple sitting around a camp-fire in front of a replica of Jessie & Jonah’s camper with the sign “just married” on the back. The best part of the cake was the edible trees (pretzels & ice-cream cones).

I was wondering how these intricate trees were made when Jessie unexpectedly plucked a one and ate it.

The night ended with a flair, or rather with sparklers. We exited the sanctity of AC back into the sticky Houston night, lined up and lit up. Like a saber arch, the guests lifted their sparklers into the air, then the grooms passed under an honorary arch of sparklers.

What an amazing wedding!

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