Why I love Industrial/Urban Wedding Photography

Why I love Industrial/Urban Wedding Photography

My dream is to tell a couple to meet me in the ally or behind the abandoned cinema for their engagement photography session, bridal portrait or wedding couple photo, and get a response like “Hell yeah!”

Instead, they squint their eyes and tilt their head as if the angle will help them understand this crazy person bouncing from foot to foot in front of them.

I’m not crazy… well maybe a little, but aren’t we all?


So, I’ll start with a quick definition

  • Urban Wedding Photography¬†

    can be anything from a cityscape in the background to an alley with crumbling bricks and abandoned, weather-worn furniture. A setting within a city

  • Industrial Wedding Photography¬†

    is urban, but a little more specific. Think about what you would see in an industrial company — Brick walls, unfinished ceilings, exposed pipes and metal structural fixtures.

You’re still nodding your head, backing away from the screen and giving me that “okay, crazy lady.” look. I can tell.

What’s so amazing about Urban Wedding Photography and Industrial Wedding Photography? Well, I’ll tell you. Imagine if you will, a crumbling plaster wall the colors mixing between a white-grey and light orange-rust (like the color of a a “brown” egg). Now put yourself in the setting, you’re wearing your wedding dress or your crisp pressed suit. Every hair is in its place. Your makeup is flawless and there is a breath-taking bouquet of sunflowers in your hands. You’ve now become the centerpiece in this masterpiece, just by standing there.

I’m drawn by the contrast of something so stunning, like a couple dressed to the nines, nailing their wedding look with the background a crumbling mess. It’s impossible for the couple NOT to stand out. All of the hard edges, cold lines and scattered debris makes the soft folds from the dress, the supple lines from the suit and splash of color from a bouquet or boutonniere look stunning and romantic. You’re owning that look, and you don’t need a pretty garden or field of bluebonnets to feel pretty. You are dazzling.









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